Clemson University Algebraic Geometry and Number Theory Seminar
Fall 2015
Tuesdays, 3:30 - 4:30, Martin M-102

date speaker affiliation title (click title for abstract) notes
August 13, 2015 Huixi Li Clemson University Mixed Level Liftings from a Certain Space of Modular Forms to Jacobi Forms 4th Exam; 11:00 am in Martin O-10
August 25, 2015
Qijun He
Drew Limpan
Clemson University
Data Identification for Gene Network Inference with Algebraic Models
Normal Domains arising from Graph Theory
20 minute progress talks
September 1, 2015
Luke Giberson
Trevor Vilardi
Clemson University
The Barban-Davenport-Halberstam Theorem over Short Intervals
Products of Eigenforms
20 minute progress talks
September 8, 2015 Shuhong Gao Clemson University On number of roots for sparse univariate polynomials over finite fields  
September 15, 2015 No Seminar      
September 22, 2015 No Seminar (see note)     Joint ADM/OR Seminar at 3:00
September 29, 2015 Sean Sather-Wagstaff Clemson University Dualities in Commutative Algebra  
October 6, 2015 Dhagash Mehta University of Notre Dame Algebraic geometrization of the Kuramoto model Joint Seminar with Computation
October 13, 2015 No Seminar (Fall Break)      
October 20, 2015 Colby Long North Carolina State University Initial Ideals of Phylogenetic Secant Ideals  
October 27, 2015 No Seminar      
November 3, 2015 Ezra Miller Duke University Multigraded moduli from fruit flies Joint seminar with ADM
November 10, 2015 David Swinarski Fordham University Equations of Riemann surfaces with automorphisms  
November 17, 2015
Hannah Kimbrell
Patrick Dynes
Clemson University
Diffsequences for Fibonacci and related sequences
A p-adic Perron-Frobenius Theorem
20 minute REU talks
November 24, 2015 No Seminar (Thanksgiving Break)      
December 1, 2015 Daniel Kriz Princeton University Congruences of p-adic L-functions and applications to algebraic cycles